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This site shows the current status of ProtonMail and ProtonVPN services.

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Partial outage due to BGP Hijacking Tuesday 29th September 2020 20:47:00

There is an ongoing BGP hijacking incident impacting the ProtonMail network. Connectivity to all Proton services is being impacted to varying degrees. Telstra is announcing our subnet without authorization.

User data is secure, but some users may have issues connecting to ProtonMail, and some incoming and outgoing emails will be delayed. We have contacted Telstra, but unfortunately because BGP has no verification nor safeguards, the fix must be made by Telstra (this is a critical flaw in BGP which runs the entire Internet).

The BGP hijacking involving Telstra seems to be resolving now. No data was breached, but incoming and outgoing emails may be delayed as they went via backup paths. In total, nearly 100 network prefixes (not just ProtonMail) was impacted by the accident at Telstra.